Borlean of House Kel'Myae

A minor but influential Navigator with local holdings


Personality: Aggressive


The Askellon Sector is in dire straits: the ever-expanding warp storm known as the Pandaemonium makes travel throughout the sector increasingly difficult. Many Navigator families have pulled out of the sector entirely, further complicating travel. With the newfound scarcity of Navigators, however, new opportunities have arisen for those who were previously out of favour. Now, minor and unpopular families find themselves with an abundance of political influence – as long as they’re willing to brave the storm-wracked Immaterium to feed the dying worlds of Askellon.

Borlean is one such Navigator, having recently arrived on Vadia Prime to consolidate his family’s position… and perhaps acquire still greater power and influence.

He was found dead during the governor’s Sun Day Gala, in the midst of unnatural circumstances.

Borlean of House Kel'Myae

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