Theodorus Vox

Death World, Imperial Navy, Chirurgeon

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Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

Theo fell into the role of a doctor almost naturally, as he is oddly attracted to the inner workings of the human body, worshiping the sacred human form; completely unfazed by the sight of blood and gore, perhaps even cruelly attracted to it; and the fact that he isn’t useful for much else. Built like a dagger: short, thin, and lean, Theo is less than impressive when it comes to combat. Missing his front teeth, he wears a wristband of other human teeth he pulls in search of the ideal replacements. He’s 17 years young with unkempt greasy black hair starkly contrasted by his fair white skin, small, sunken brown eyes, 132 pounds sopping wet and only 5’3" tall – he’s had his own fair share of brushes with death.

Hardened by life on Kenov III, Theo is a survivor. Any and all human life on Kenov III was deep underground, safe from the horrific natural vegetation and beasts that live above.

The Bunker is where he was born, and the Bunker was where he lived, and the Bunker was where he was told he would die (unless he was foolish enough to venture to the surface). Truthfully, Theo had never left the relative safety of the Bunker, instead spending his time elbow deep in the guts of his peers that hadn’t come back from the surface in one piece. The Emperor had called upon him to serve from the very first moment he could, as a child, as there is no place for dead weight when it comes to life on a death world.

Alas, in his teenage years, the death rate began to far exceeded the birth rate for the Bunker, despite Theo’s best efforts. The Bunker was doomed. It had to be evacuated. A year-long distress signal and two Imperial Navy rescue attempts later, the Bunker was left empty, abandoned, and sealed forever.

There were only a handful of survivors, Theo – just 16 years of age, was among them. All but Theo were deemed a burden to the Imperial Navy, and were subsequently dropped off at the nearest spaceport. Theo stayed with the Navy, though not quite of his own volition. The ship’s doctor had recently been blammed for heresy, and young Theo was just the replacement they needed. He was useful, he knew the secrets of the flesh better than any of his rescuers, even despite his young age. He remained stowed away on board the vessel for a year before he was removed. Working as a medic aboard a vessel of the Imperial Navy had Theodorus performing frequent surgeries, which naturally had him under the careful scrutiny of his fellow passengers. Rumors started circulating, and just as unexpectedly as he arrived, he was removed by the Inquisition for allegedly whispering incantations and performing chaotic rituals in secrecy, in addition to unnecessarily electrocuting wounded victims into unconsciousness with the haft of a shock whip.

Currently under the employ of Inquisitor Eizen for purposes unknown…

Theodorus Vox

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