Vadia Prime

A civilised world in the Askellon Sector, Vadia Prime’s atmosphere is volatile and stormy, perpetually wreathed in dark clouds, torrential rains, and constant lightning strikes. Sophisticated logic-engines buried deep within the Solar Acropolis tirelessly cogitate the world’s complex weather patterns, affording the resident governor insight into the time and date of forthcoming lulls in the planetary storm – the rare Sun Day.


Class: Gamma (Civilised World)
Population: ~15 billion
Capital: Solar Acropolis, New Fredericton

Vadia Prime has been inhabited for millennia, surviving in relative isolation within the shadow of Askellon’s turbulent warp storms. Reasonably self-sufficient, the Vadian people have built their world into a respectable centre of population and industry in spite of the world’s questionable hospitability and limited contact with the surrounding sector.

The sprawling urban landscape of New Fredericton serves as the planet’s capital, essentially a miniature hive city. Its zenith, which reaches high into the Vadian clouds, houses the golden citadel known as the Solar Acropolis. From here the world’s ruling classes enjoy a respite from Vadia Prime’s unpleasant weather, kept safe by a combination of altitude and a large domed construct hailing from the Dark Age of Technology. Outside the stormy streets of New Fredericton, massive climate-controlled megafarms operate under the careful supervision of the planet’s Mechanicus Biologis adepts. Underneath the surface, the food supply is further supplemented by expansive Grow Vats, huge technological constructs which weave through the planet’s underbelly like intestines in macrocosm.

Vadian society has evolved over the millennia, skewed by the common citizen’s rare glimpse of direct sunlight. To the Vadians, daylight is akin to the beneficent gaze of the Immortal Emperor, He Who Carries the Sun. Prayers are offered daily to the Emperor so that He might offer even a single day’s relief from the ever-swirling dark storms of the Vadian skies. In truth, the archaic cogitation machinery within the Solar Acropolis houses an ancient and wise machine-spirit which possesses foreknowledge of breaks within the planetary storm. The governor, ever in conflict with the covetous aspirations of the Vadian Ecclesiarchy, jealously guards this secretive knowledge of the once-in-a-generation Sun Day.

Vadia Prime

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