Lord General Fulvio Ulrich-Gossler

A powerful general, now content with retirement


Personality: Confident


Ulrich-Gossler has had a long and illustrious career as an officer of the Imperial Guard. In his many years of service, he has fought and bled against the enemies of the Emperor in a hundred different star systems against a hundred different foes. In rising to the ranks of the Guard’s general staff, he discovered a fondness for the Vadian regiments under his command and came to consider them his favoured family. Now, he has retired honourably to his adopted homeworld and settled comfortably among the Vadian upper class, where he serves as the commander of Vadia Prime’s Planetary Defence Forces. Although outspoken in his concern for the well-being of the fighting men and women under his command, he seems largely content to live out his days in luxury and leisure.

Lord General Fulvio Ulrich-Gossler

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