Feral World, Guardsman, Mystic



WS: 36
BS: 28
S: 33
T: 34
AG: 31
INT: 29
PER: 31
WP: 40
FEL: 38

Wounds: 12
Fate Points: 3
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 4


Common Lore (Imperial Guard)
Navigate Surface

Talents & Traits

Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech)
Resistance (Psychic Powers)


Thought Begets Heresy.

Noaidi started life as a simple warrior for his tribe, fighting against other tribes for the meager resources of the taiga they called home. He soon gained great renowned among his people as mighty warrior. He could fight with almost endless reserves of strength, dodge just when an enemy axe would swing for his head, or know just when to strike where the enemy was weakest. With Noaidi fighting in their ranks, his tribe soon gained dominance in the region, and Noaidi himself arose to great prominence in his tribe, eventually having the title of Shaman bestowed upon him. Noaidi was content to live out his days guiding his people with the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of battles, however, fate had different plans.

One night a star came from the sky, and from it emerged a man like none the people of the land had ever seen. He convinced Noaidi’s people to aid him in a search for something in their small corner of the world. What it was they never found out, but when this man’s time on the planet came to an end he asked Noaidi to come with him. Noaidi knew not why this man asked him to walk among the stars with him but he would not pass up this chance to walk in the heavens where gods dwell.


Bloody Sun-Day Figulus