Lord Consul Tobias Hohenstaufen

The sickly governor of Vadia Prime


Personality: Confident


Juvenat treatments are not foolproof – sometimes the rituals are not properly adhered to, and sometimes the treatment just doesn’t take. Whatever the case, the current Lord Consul of Vadia Prime, Tobias Hohenstaufen, likely only has a few years to live. Twisted and misshapen by failed attempts to treat failed attempts, his life is now sustained by complex machinery and bio-stimulant drugs.

Hohenstaufen has proven to be an effective governor, expanding much of Vadia Prime’s industry and general prosperity. The citizens seem to think well of him, and despite his recent misfortunes, he remains a popular and beloved leader. He is often seen in the company of Lord General Ulrich-Gossler, and the two are known to share a bond of mutual respect.

Lord Consul Tobias Hohenstaufen

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