Bloody Sun-Day

de Grahz's Missive
A letter to the new Inquisitor


Allow me to offer my congratulations on your recent promotion. Commensurate with your new position, I have had my staff forward you a short-list of promising candidates to assist you in your future efforts. As you know, an Inquisitor is only as strong as his cadre; without them, you are nothing.

The primitive Noaidi is something of an interesting case; a latent psyker who has – until recently – escaped ‘official’ notice. My people estimate him to be of Kappa to Iota level, though it is unclear how aware he is of his own abilities. For the time being, I see no pressing need to terminate him, so I’ve remanded him to your direct custody where his abilities may prove invaluable – and for proper Inquisitorial supervision, of course.

Octus is a hive-world Arbitrator – you will find few better agents in your employ than a stalwart member of the Adeptus Arbites. I encourage you to make use of his hive-world roots as well, as living in those conditions gives one a very particular sort of insight into how heretical cults conceal their blasphemous operations.

Finally, consider Theodorus. A death-world survivor has an indomitable will to live bred into him from birth – a very useful attribute to have in one of your agents. His prodigious talent for the field of medicine is already apparent at his young age, and it would be foolish to squander such natural skill.

With your initial team assembled, I have seen to it that you receive accommodations aboard the Explorator vessel of a Mechanicus Magos by the name of Hastus, which will ferry you to the remote planet of Vadia Prime. There, you will debark with your new acolytes. I have had suspicions about this world for some time now, and the sudden silence of my clandestine agents there suggests to me that those suspicions are well-founded. If you are able to locate my agents you may tell them I sent you, but more likely they are simply dead – killed for getting too close to something.

Vadia Prime is an insular, isolated world, cut-off from regular contact by the Askellon Sector’s Emperor-forsaken warp storms. In my experience, insular places breed heresy and treason in gross abundance. Be warned: The Inquisition has little presence in the Askellon Sector, and none to my knowledge on Vadia itself after the loss of my own personnel. Apart from what I have given you to get you started, it will be up to you to establish your operations on this world. My advice to you would be to make establishing a base of operations a high priority, followed by a network of safehouses once you can spare the resources. You will need to make friends and secure a source of money, supplies, weapons, or even warm bodies – whatever you feel you need to accomplish your goals.

To this end, I have attached to this missive a set of genuine invitations to an upcoming gala hosted by the planetary governor. According to some of the final reports I received from my sources, I am told this event will be attended by some of the most influential movers and shakers of Vadia Prime – a priceless opportunity to insert yourself in their midst, where you are well-positioned to root out whatever heresy festers on this world. I recommend you play the part of visiting off-world nobility, but I leave such considerations of strategy to your own discretion.

A final word of caution: Do not reveal your true identity lightly, not before you’ve established a power base for yourself. The name of the Inquisition strikes fear into the faithful and faithless alike, but that fear has been carefully cultivated through judicious application of power. See that you do not tarnish that reputation, for in the unlikely event you survive such a mistake, you will come to understand the… consequences of failure in the eyes of the Emperor.

Ever His Servant,
M. deGrahz
Ordo Xenos

Bloody Sun-Day
The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance.

A distant lord-inquisitor has recently elevated a new member to the ranks of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition. So empowered, this new Inquisitor and his fledgling band of recruits are tasked to travel to the blighted Askellon Sector. Secure aboard an Explorator vessel of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this newly-formed band now makes their way to the quiet world of Vadia Prime

What to Expect:

  • Investigations, mysteries, and invisible forces must be contended with… the presence of heresy goes without saying.
  • Be prepared to navigate the decrepit and byzantine machinations of the Imperium’s power structures. Not all servants of the Emperor take kindly to Inquisitorial meddling…
  • Don’t expect kid gloves for psychic powers. Use them at your own peril… witchcraft is proscribed for a reason. 2nd Edition rules are particularly unforgiving if you lack sanctioning.
  • Don’t forget to read about Vadia Prime! Knowledge is an Inquisitor’s watchword, after all…

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